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Books We Helped Publish

In recent years, the Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute Archives have provided many documents, transcripts of interviews, letters, photographs and other materials to support historic research and publication of books, monographs, photo albums and exhibit catalogs. Some authors visited our Nemetz Room personally, others - studied our collections virtually. Our collaborations almost always resulted in new books, donated to our library and archives with the words of gratitude. The new exhibit in the display case on the 3rd floor shows some of the most recent publications.

Bibring Photograph Book Cover
Edward Bibring Photographs Psychoanalysts of His Time. Analytic Press, 2006
. Quote from a recent review by Martin A. Silverman, M.D. in Psychoanalytic Quarterly 77.4, 2008: "...It is refreshing, therefore, to find that one group among our number, the Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute, has begun to comb its archives for material that would lend itself to the possibility of creating a series of publications that will add in a lively way to the historical record of the field of psychoanalysis as a living, growing, evolving body of scientific vitality..."

Vienna Psychoanalytic Society Bookcover
Vienna Psychoanalytic Society: The First 100 Years. Andrea Bronner (ed.) Christian Brandstätter. Verlag, 2008

The book, published in celebration of the one hundredth anniversary of the Viennese Psychoanalytic Society, presents biographies and photographs of society members, past and present, with special focus on the 149 people who together comprised the pre-1938 community. The BPSI Archives provided over 20 photographs and biographical materials commemorating the lives of Edward and Grete Bibring, Felix and Helene Deutsch, Anny Angel-Katan, Berta Bornstein, Wilhelm Reich, Hans Lampl, Otto Fenichel and many others who had started in Vienna and later became an important part of the American psychoanalytic scene.

Wilhelm Reich Book CoverWilhelm Reich Revisited. Birgit Johler [H.D.] Verlag Turia+Kant, Jewish Museum Vienna, 2008
The Jewish Museum of Vienna contacted our archives in preparation for their 2008 travelling exhibit “Sex! Pol! Energy! – Wilhelm Reich.” As a result, several early photographs of Wilhelm Reich from BPSI’s BibringAnatomy picture Photograph Collecton, including the famous “anatomy picture”, have been displayed both in the exhibit halls and on the pages of Birgit Johler’s book published for the occasion.  Written in German, this publication showcases many previously unknown documents, letters, and photographs of Wilhelm Reich and the Orgone Institute.
Photo from p.154: Grete Bibring, Samuel Singer,
Wilhelm Reich and Edward Bibring at the

anatomy class of Julius Tandler, 1919

Freud and Me. Dan Jacobs, M.D (ed.), Steve Morandi (ed.). Publication of the Hanns Sachs Library and
Archives of the Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute, 2006.Freud and Me Cover

Published as a tribute to Sigmund Freud’s 150th birthday, this monograph also celebrates a community of clinicians and scholars at the Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute. The publication features articles by Michele Baker, M.D., Laura Crain, M.D., Kathryn V. Jones, M.D., Mary McCarthy, M.D., Cris Ratiner, Ph.D., Philip Freeman, M.D., D.M.H., Anton Kris, M.D., Anna Ornstein, M.D., Cordelia Schmidt-Hellerau, Ph. D., and Stephen Sternbach, M.D. Published on the cover is a portrait of Sigmund Freud painted by Jonathan Palmer, MD, oil on canvas (1998).

EJ Cover
Edith Jacobson Institut. Festschrift. 2 April 2006.

A recent publication of the Edith Jacobson Institute in Berlin used images from the BPSI Archives Bibring Photograph Collection depicting Edith Jacobson’s teachers Hans Lampl and Sandór Radó.

Silver City’s Bear Mountain Lodge: The Untold Story. 
By Donna Eichstaedt. SWS: New Mexico, 2008

Donna Eichstaedt, a Doña Community College Assistant Professor in History, visited our archives to gather materials on the beautiful lodge built in New Mexico in the late 1920s by our own Walter Langer and his first wife, Juanita Franks, to create the Rocky Mountain Ranch School for emotionally disturbed boys. Her recently published book unveils an elegant story of the place and its remarkable people. Included are numerous photographs and quotes from Walter Langer’s letters, Dr. Sanford Gifford’s interview of Juanita Franks, and other documents from the BPSI Archives, all linking that unique building to the early 20th century history, World War II, and the psychoanalytic circles of Vienna and Boston.

Muriel's War CoverMuriel's War: An American Heiress in the Nazi Resistance
By Sheila Isenberg. Palgrave Macmillan, December 2010

Sheila Isenberg is adjunct professor of English at Marist College and the author of several books. She visited our archives in 2009 to research Muriel Gardiner’s interviews and biographical materials for her new book, Muriel’s War. An American heiress turned resistance hero, Gardiner was an electrifying woman who impressed everyone she met with her beauty, intelligence, and powerful personality. Her adventurous life led her from Chicago’s high society to a Viennese medical school, from Sigmund Freud’s inner circle to the Austrian underground. Over the years, she saved countless Jews and anti-fascists, providing shelter and documents ensuring their escape. This remarkable woman’s life as a legend of the Austrian Resistance was captured in the movie Julia with Vanessa Redgrave. The legendary Gardiner only now has her story told in full -- a dramatic tale of harrowing, heroic intrigue, passionate liaisons, and a humanistic zeal to aid others. She remains an inspiration to all those who believe that one individual can change the world.